Dallas Winter Wildlife – Amazing Aquatic Birds

You’ll love watching this FULL-SCREEN on a PC or TV screen.  It’s filmed in Gorgeous 4K and has lots of close-up sounds that bring it to life!

Here are some gorgeous Winter-only aquatic birds you may not know that call Dallas their home.  Filmed in the canals of Las Colinas along Las Colinas Blvd.  You’ll love what you see and will want to visit!


This was shot on a super hot day at Simpson Park in the Trinity Forest.  We couldn’t find anything, but right under our noses were these tiny guys!

They are fighting current to maintain their position.  The TelleTubby clouds are perfectly timed Cottonwood fluff that just happened through 🙂

Here is an introduction to the lichens of DFW as told by research botanist and Lichenologist Manuela Dal Forno, with co-presenter Research Botanist Bob O’Kennon.

I recently took a special guest on a leisurely kayak ride down a rarely accessed part of the Trinity River. He is unquestionably the Trinity River’s greatest advocate.

He is the founder and board chair of the Trinity River Coalition, credited with obtaining National Recreation Trail status for our new Trinity River Paddling Trail. Steve Smith.

Windy, cool and overcast. We opted for the protected forest edge vs open prairie. Supremely enjoyable afternoon! Great eyes Aaron, who spotted everything we filmed!

Hope you like this macro video of a gorgeous wolf spider carrying her kids. I think she’s just beautiful!

This amazing mom is just a bit smaller than a tarantula. 100s of live spiderlings are crawling on her abdomen. Brace yourself! 🙂

I ‘believe’ this is a red legged earth mite and not a blue oat mite. The digestive tract empties from the posterior and not the dorsal surface (back). Also has strong eye spots.

I measured its body length to be 1/2 mm. Being black, it is just visible bare-eyed (zipping around) on a white surface.

It has 8 legs and so is not a larva like a chigger, but a small nymph. It uses the first pair of legs as feelers and so walks on 6 like a chigger. It is the same size as a chigger and is closely related so a good window into how they get around on our bodies.

Be sure to watch in 4K. You’ll love it!

Enjoy wildlife biologist Sam Kieschnick as he wows our NTMN chapter film crew with rich insights and his irresistible charm! We look forward to featuring him regularly.

Thank you patient and persistent crew! Lauren, Larissa, Steven, Aaron and Ashton! In 3 short months, you have taken an impressively deep dive into wildlife filmmaking 🙂

Enjoy amateur entomologist Laura Kimberly as she gives a warm and up-close tour of the insects of Furneaux Creek.

Shot at Branch Hollow Park in Carrollton, Texas. Be sure to watch full-screen in 4K (Not on a cell 🙂 You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you once again to our chapter’s patient and persistent film crew! Lauren, Larissa and Steven! I love working with you guys 🙂