Natural wonders in North Texas?

by Ashton Tassin

Try to recall the last time you stopped to listen to the song of a mockingbird, crickets chirping or creek water flowing. Have you marveled at a full moon or sunset… paused to feel the cool breeze after a muggy Texas day? Maybe you’ve taken notice of the variety of life that frequents that large oak or pecan tree where you live or work?

Noticing the rhythms and details of the natural world may seem like a time-consuming luxury we can’t afford, or is something we only ever “plan” to make time for in the future. Research shows us we just cannot and should not do without immersion in the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

As naturalist filmmakers, we are here to draw you in, to show you what we see, even in this dense metroplex (groan…) where we find ourselves. This is an invitation for you to develop a new sense of place, a deeper appreciation for your non-human neighbors… for landscapes and waterways, and to serve up the benefits of savoring this underappreciated natural world we share.

Henry David Thoreau quipped,

          “There was no need to go on an expedition to distant countries. Why not travel at home? It didn’t matter how far one journeyed, but how much alive you are. Be an explorer of your own streams and forests..”

The Benefits of Nature

Researchers keep compiling evidence of the innumerable benefits of getting outside.  Among them are:

  • Improved attention
  • Lower Stress
  • Better Mood
  • Reduced risk of psychiatric disorders
  • Increased empathy and cooperation
  • Promotes cognitive development in children
  • Improved memory and cognitive flexibility

Wherever you can find yourself, near a tree, field or creek, beautiful things abound. Researchers have found that even nature videos are beneficial! Dr. Cynthia Frantz, a professor of psychology and environmental studies at Oberlin College compared outcomes of people who walked outside in natural or urban settings to those who watched videos of those settings and found that both led to improvements in attentions and positive emotions – although the effects were stronger on those got out into nature… hint, hint!

Become a regular visitor here! Our videos are created to teach the benefits of intentional nature watching. Take full advantage of the simple gifts of nature. It is a habit that will serve you well! There’s nothing like a positive sense of place. You’ll gain a new respect and appreciation for the lives of birds, insects, fungi, reptiles and other natural wonders just outside. “Be an explorer of your own streams and forests..”